CanDoMore is a group that has come together to tackle some of our town's environmental issues. We all share the passion for the beautiful outdoors, and in order to sustain its delicacy, we've chosen to undertake some of the things that will have a long term affect. Some of our challenges fall under the usage of plastic, the amount of garbage, and the sustainability of our home  - we attempt to put these detrimental issues to bed and find more environmentally friendly alternatives. 


Weekly Clean-Up's!

Many of us came to the Bow Valley simply because of it's pure scenic beauty. Time and time again, we are in complete and utter awe from our surroundings. As we take these views in each and every day, some of us have chosen to give back to mother nature. Each week, the 'Green Team' rallies together for a mass clean of improperly disposed garbage that has built up in our town. Sure, call us garbage pickers, but how bad can it really be when you're in the midst of this gorgeous mountain valley?